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Ibiza Magna, Ibiza town, Islas Baleares, Spain

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Boat description

The Cala Millor is a classic Schooner built in 1942, with wooden hull, 42 meters lenght over all and capacity for 150 guests.
This last historical ship of the Balearic Islands, has been closely linked to the history of Ibiza, as was used to transport the necessary material to the Island for its extension between the fifties and the seventies. Nowadays, she is reformed for hosting private events and taking on larger groups that want to be all together.

They have different packages and reduced rates for groups under 25 guests. They offer also daysails of 4 hours instead of a full day which is 6-7 hours so please get in touch so we can provide you with all the options which fit your needs.

Model Schonner Pailebot
Year Built 1942
Length 42M / 137 FT
Engine 450CV
Cruising Speed 6/7 Kn
Guests Cruising 150
Crew Captain, 2-4 sailors and 1 mecanic
Port Base Ibiza Magna

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Short excurtion for limited guest - 4 Hour Sailing maximum 24 Guests

4 Hour Sailing maximum 24 Guests

Max people: 24
All day - A Day's sailing 6-7 hours

A Day's sailing 6-7 hours

Max people: 100
Tariff name Resource/boat type Min people Max people Valid from Valid til   Minimum days Maximum days
Full Day 6 - 7 hours All day 0 150 Monday, 06 May 2019 Friday, 01 November 2019 4,114.00€ Per person per day 1 7
Short excursion with upto 24 guests Short excurtion for limited guest 1 24 Monday, 06 May 2019 Friday, 01 November 2019 2,420.00€ Per day, incl. VATNot including weekends 1 1


Here's a list of some of the great things you can purchase while making a booking at this boat.

All Day Excurtion Formentera Departure

Extra charge for a Daysail leaving from and returning to the Port of La Sabina , Formentera

217.80€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

All Day Excurtion Reduced Hours

Discount for reduced hours. Select "1" or "2" hours.

-363.00€ (21% tax) ( Per booking )

Cushions (small)

White cushions 40 x 40cm. 3€ (+vat each). Select number.

3.63€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

Cushions in Cotton

Cushions in cotton with black and white stripes

363.00€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

Cushions with impermeable cases

The boat fitted with cushions with impermeable cases

121.00€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

Entertainment: 10-part Live Group

Live Music Group (10 parts)

2,117.50€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

Entertainment: 5-part Live Group

Live Music Group (5 parts)

1,149.50€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

Entertainment: DJ

Session DJ to play for 6 to 7 hours 450€ (+vat) minimum

544.50€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

Entertainment: Flamenco Group

Live Flamenco Group, Guitar and Voice

1,452.00€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

Entertainment: Flamenco Guitar

Flamenco Guitar Player

871.20€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

Short Excursion Extra hour duration

Make the short excursion last 5 hours

605.00€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

Short Excursion Late Return

To return after 17:00 hr on a Short Excurtsion

907.50€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

Short Excursion Soft Drink "Free Bar"

"Free Bar" with soft non-alcoholic drinks. Select number of guests for this service for this service.

18.15€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

Short Excurtion Alcohol "Free Bar"

"Free Bar" with alcoholic drinks. Select number of guests for this servoce.

29.04€ (21% tax) ( Per booking )


Towels 70 x 140cm in red, white or Blue. Select number.

3.63€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

Toys: Double Kayak

Double Kayak. Price each. Select number

96.80€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

Toys: Inflatable Platform 5 x 1.4m

Inflatable Platform 5 x 1.4m.

363.00€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

Toys: Inflatable Platform 7.5 x 2.8m

Inflatable Platform 7.5 x 2.8m

726.00€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

Toys: Jetski

Jetski per day. Selct number. Price can vary slightly. Select number.

605.00€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

Toys: Paddle Surf

Paddle Surf. Price each. Select number.

96.80€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

~ Cleaning charge for alternate caterers

Cleaning charge suppliment when bringing your own caterers

363.00€ (21% tax) ( Per day )

Read more & Enquire

Area activities

Included in the Cala Millor is basic decoration such as mattresses with white cotton sheet on the two chill out areas and red or blue cushions. 

Sound system is included and consists of a DJ micer 4 canal, subwoofer Fame , 2 speakers fame and connection to your ipod or similar.

We can organise drink and catering packages please check with us the options. 

Watersports can also be organised at extra cost such as kayaking , paddle surf, seabobs , flyboard , jetski , inflable platforms...

Check in times

The check in times will depend on the package you take if full day or half day the timings can change and have to be also approved by the port authorities if you are coming with private transport as this port has restricted entry timings if you are coming with private transport. Hire car is not allowed in as there is no parking facilities close to the boat but there is a paying parking facilities at walking distance.


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