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Your ideal dates for your charter , how many people you are including children and babies, and a rough Budget. Whatever that Budget, it will be subject to Spain´s VAT which is 21%.

You are not familiar with boats or their prices here in Ibiza ?

Call us and we can give you a guideline, or please feel free to surf through our boat pages so you can get a better idea - we have all types of boats to choose from.

As far in advance as you can! Ibiza is very busy especially from July to September and due to the high demand if you want something in particular the sooner you book, the better. We will always try and find you the best available boat, but in peak season but the best are always booked early, do don't hesitate. The boat will only be reserved once the 1st payment is been received and 100% confirmed when its paid in full before charter day 3.

A standard day's boat charter is usually 8 hours. During a charter booked specifically for an event, this can vary and there are different options which you can check with us.

During any day charter you can leave at your chosen time, making sure there is enough time allowed to accommodate your itinerary or restaurant reservation.

The time of returning to port is more specific and needs to before sunset, although of course, this varies depending on the month . We can advise you on this and the captain will be aware.

For charters exceeding the standard 8 hours, please discuss your requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you. Some options are more flexible then others, but please bear in mind that the crew work every day so the times are restricted in order they have the necessary rest. We all want to try and avoid having unrested grumpy crew on board for a reason!

You pay for the fuel you consume while the engine is running,. We will give you an estimation of the fuel costs per itinerary prior booking so that you are happy with the projected cost.

Each boat is different and you will receive an estimation of the fuel consumption per hour. This can fluctuate depending on the fuel price on the day.

If the pick up and or drop off point is different from the standard one at port then you will pay from the time the boat leaves port base and returns into port base.

Many of the popular restaurants have their own tender service which the captain will call just before your reservation time, so that they will collect you from the boat. You can also let the restaurant know when you are ready for the return journey.

Some smaller restaurants which are more remote don't offer this pick up service, we will obviously make you aware of this when you book.

We can arrange for your own boat to take you as as close as possible, be prepared you may a little wet up to your knees! The tender cant easily access some places and subject to sea conditions it can sometimes affect the original plan.

  • Most chartered boats except ribs include complementary drinks such as water, soft drinks, beer and ice. Each boat page shows what is included. If you have any doubts please check with us upon booking.
  • We can organise wines and spirits on request at cost Price. We work with a wholesale local distributor and can have it delivered to the boat if pre-ordered and paid in advance. There is a minimum order for delivery free of charge.
  • If you wish to have snacks on board we can also organise this with time in advance.
  • Restaurant reservations. Ask us to make table reservations on your behalf. The crew will remain on board to look after your belongings whilst you leave the boat.

If you don’t want to split the group then the only option is to take a big sailing boat or catamaran which allow for more passengers. There are only a handful in Ibiza and they are generally used to organise weddings and events. Please check our event boats page so you can see these options.

If you are only a few more, I would suggest taking two boats as you only have to Split whilst cruising. Once the boats are docked you can go on one boat and spend time together. This is subject to which boat you take and how many more you are as there also a limit of how many people the captain is happy to have on their boat whilst docked. The boats whilst cruising can go in convoy so its only when you go from A to B that you will be separated.

Potentially "yes", but please discuss with us upon booking as there are certain things that are not allowed on board such as glass bottles. Red wine is not allowed on boats either.

Regarding the food as well please check with us before as simple things like crisps some boats owners do not want these due to the damages that the grease can do on the upholstery.

Again, potentially Yes you can if there is an accessible dock that the boat can Access with its tender. We can discuss this and we would need to know the sea coordinates to ensure a safe embarkment. Sometimes these are not time or cost effective ways to work but do check with us if this is your choice.

All boats have Aux Leads where you can plug in your own mobile devices. If you want to charge your devices do remember to bring adaptors if you do not have a European connection.

Tipping is voluntary so if you are happy with the service provided 5% of charters fee per crew member is on average what clients give but as mentioned it is your choice to give what you find appropriate. The payments are directly to crew members in cash.

Its very important to inform us of any children and their ages whilst booking a boat as we need to make sure that we have the right size life jackets on the vessel.

The crew is not responsible for the children’s supervision, an adult has to be always with them . The crew is always there to help but they do have their duties as well to ensure your safety and a pleasant boat cruise.

We are here to make your day easy, as you may not be familiar with the ports we can arrange drivers for you from your villa or hotel.

We can also facilitate valet parking if you decide to drive yourself, as sometimes in high season its tricky to find a parking space but we will always want to make it easy for you so just call us once you are on route to us.

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