Terms and conditions.


1. Licenses and Insurances:

Octopussy Boats only works with fully accredited suppliers who have supplied copies of their current rental licenses, their Captain's licenses? and current insurance policies which must include minimum levels of civil liability cover of 200.000€ per passenger. Each vessel has comprehensive safety equipment which must be maintained in order to comply with licensing requirements. Captain and crew qualifications and experience is checked to ensure your safety at all times


2. Booking of a vessel

The reservation of a vessel only becomes effective upon receipt of 50% of the total rental price. Our Standard terms require the remaining 50% to be paid one week prior to the charter date. In those cases where boat owners request earlier payment of the remaining 50% this will be specified at the time of booking.The lead client or individual making a charter booking will be asked to send a photo or photocopy of their Passport details or identity card to comply with Spanish charter regulations. This is required for all cruises and applies to the lead person attending the cruise.

An Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) of 30% is to be paid in cleared funds before departure for large vessels or multi-day charters, from which consumables, fuel and berthing outside the home port will be paid. All deductions from this allowance will be purchased at reasonable cost and covered by receipts. The balance will be repaid at the end of the charter. If the APA is used before the end of the charter, an additional amount will be requested before more supplies can be purchased.


3. Cancellation Terms

Cancellations by the client are non-refundable, unless the boat can be re-let in which case an Administration Fee of 10% of the Booking price will be retained and the Balance refunded to the Client.

On single day charters in the event of bad weather, it is the Captain's decision as to whether to continue with the charter. Short showers, or cloud would not constitute a reason for cancellation by the Captain. High winds and consistent rain over a period of hours would normally be grounds for cancellation by the Captain. If a cancellation is called for by the captain, a full refund will be made to the client if an alternative date cannot be arranged. Similarly, in the event of mechanical failure, an alternative vessel will be offered, and if this is not possible a full refund will be made.


4. Methods of payment

The following methods of payment are accepted:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit or Debit card: Visa, Mastercard.
  • Cash in Euros


 5. Fuel

Fuel is not included in the rental price. We will advise you on the estimated fuel cost per hour of your Boat's motor.

The captain will inform you of the fuel consumption at the end of the charter. Fuel payment can be charged from the APA or before leaving the vessel.


6. Mooring Charges

Mooring costs for of most day charters are included in the price. Any exceptions will be clarified before confirming any booking. Mooring costs outside the base port are not included in the price and will be subject to an extra charge. Mooring charges for multi-day charters will be discussed prior to booking.


7. Departure and Return Times

The departure time will be set during the booking procedure. Our charters for motor boats are based on 8 hours from the time you leave the port and return to base port which is designed to ensure a safe return which must be before nightfall. For Event Boats this varies and will be specified upon enquiry.


8. Maximum Capacities

In Spain the maximum capacity on board a private motor-boat or yacht, regardless of its length is 12 people, including the captain.

On a sailing yacht it is 12 people maximum plus Captain and crew (if the license permits).

Groups of 13 or more: Several options are available to accommodate larger groups. Please discuss your needs with us.


9. Damages on the vessel

The boats are checked for damage before and after every charter and a log is maintained of any significant damages.
In the unlikely event of significant damage occurring during your charter which is deemed to be due to Client negligence or failure to comply with the instructions given by the captain or crew, the Boat owner reserves the right to make an appropriate charge.

Smoking on board, if allowed, is strictly restricted to the areas that captain decrees. Any burn damages to upholstery will result in a charge for full replacement cost of the item as repair is not normally possible for such items.

10. Security


Octopussy Boats takes no responsibility for any personal injury, loss or damage caused in any way during the charter and any associated activities. All boating or watersports activities involve an element of risk. Risks include injury, illness, death from drowning, exposure, sunburn, sunstroke or accident in addition to risk of loss or damage to personal property. Clients making any booking or participating in any cruise or activity are agreeing to all terms and conditions herein and take full personal responsibility for any injury or loss sustained and are advised strongly to check that their own personal insurance covers such activities.


11. Health and Safety


Whilst on board, the Captain has full authority for any decisions regarding the use of the vessel and in particular all aspects of safety.

Octopussy Boats has the authority to cancel the charter with no refund if the behaviour of clients does not comply with public safety regulations or safety instructions as given by the Captain and/or crew. If in the event that the safety of our clients or our staff members, or the Captain and crew is endangered due to Client negligence or irresponsible behaviour, then Octopussy Boats reserves the right to take the necessary legal action.

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